fMRI Stimulus Resources

The 3T Siemens Prisma Fit (HUP6) research scanner is equipped with stimulus delivery and monitoring systems for fMRI research. They include Sanyo-PLC-XT35 -LCD projector with Sanyo long-throw lense for rear-view/rear-projection onto Mylar screens. Video signals are carried into the magnet room using a Lightwave FiberLynx optical-fiber VGA connection. Both the projector and the FiberLynx units are housed in custom RF shield boxes with filtered power receptacles. Images are viewed through mirrors mounted on the head coils.

Audio stimuli may be presented via a pneumatic Avotec system which is equipped with two different styles of head phones to accommodate variance in patient head size on both the Siemens Trio and 3T systems. Alternatively, there is also a pair of electrodynamic headphones available. Pulse, pulse oximetry, EKG, ET C02 and respiration can be monitored during fMRI scanning. Also, MRI-safe prescription glasses (which are compatible with all head coils) are available.

Responses are monitored using a FORP fiber optic button boxes installed at the 3T system. Low pass filters in the magnet room penetration panels allow custom interfacing of other stimulus and monitoring equipment using DB-9 connectors.


HUP6 Stimulus & Presentation


Avotec- Pneumatic headphones packed with a patient communication system. Two different sets are available-standard     

and slim.

MR CONFON- Electrodynamic headphones that provide better audio quality than pneumatic.              


FORP- Four button response pad that outputs ASCII values for each key pressed. From Current Designs. www.cursdes.com

Keyboard- 85 key silicon keyboard, connected via USB.

Mouse- 2 button plus scroll wheel silicon mouse, connected via USB.

Monitoring: Subject monitoring is available via a custom fiberscope in the scan room. It can be positioned anywhere in the bore. Video displays on a monitor in the control room, and can be recorded to DVD.

Eye Tracking: Eyelink 1000 (new)


Timing: TTL pulse via usb. Pulse length can be extended if necessary.


Software: Virtually any operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux) and any software (Matlab, E-Prime, Presentation) are compatible. The only input is ASCII. Video is VGA.       


DEVON 3T (clinical scanner)- IFIS Stimulus & Presentation


Headphones IFIS comes packaged with pneumatic headphones and a patient communication system. These are the only headphones that the system supports.


Response: Two 5 button response pads that fit over the subject's hands.


Monitoring: There is no within-bore monitoring on IFIS. Subjects can see operators via a web cam.


Eye Tracking: Eye tracking is not possible with the system in place.


Timing: RF pulse.


Software: E-Prime ONLY. No other software will be loaded on the IFIS system. Another computer can be routed through the system, by VGA, for display purposes only. The presentation computer is set at a resolution of 640x480, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. These settings do not change.