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Access to NNC Informatics (Computing) Cluster:

For SOM or UPHS personnel, ask your administrative or business office to complete this online form if you need VPN access to use the CfN Computer cluster: VPN Account requests for access to UPHS Please choose your lab's physician faculty member as the sponsor and the request will be sent to him/her for approval. Once approved by faculty sponsor, an email will be generated informing your administrator of your new VPN login name and password. Please be aware that VPN accounts expire each year and need to be renewed by the SOM or UPHS faculty sponsor. It is the user's responsibility to confirm yearly renewal requests with the physician faculty member.






Instructions on how to use the Optoacoustics Noise Cancelling Microphones at HUP6, HUP7 and SC3T can be found on the wiki page: or click here for manual.

     View presentations from CfN's fMRI at High Field Workshop (April 9, 2008)

          Intro to 7T - John Detre, MD

          BOLD at 7T -Mark Elliott, PhD

          MR Spectroscopy at 7T - Harish Poptani, PhD

          Multinuclear MRI at 7T - Ravinder Reddy, PhD

          ASL at 7T - Jiong Jiong Wang, PhD

     View presentations from CfN's DTI Symposium

      (you need Quicktime)                     (MP4 Files)

         John Detre, MD                          John Detre, MD    

         Mark Elliott, PhD                        Mark Elliott, PhD

         Ragini Verma, PhD                     Ragini Verma, PhD


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