Post Research Study for Subject Recruitment  
As one of its services, the CfN would like to facilitate subject recruitment. Newsgroup postings will be made within the upenn domain pointing to the CfN link where potential subjects can learn about studies and contact the appropriate individuals to volunteer/sign up for participation. We welcome study listings from all researchers, but expect that subjects will be mainly University of Pennsylvania students and staff.
   General Information      
  Title of Study
  Start Date    
  End Date   
  Study Description      
  Primary Investigator      
  First Name   Department
  Last Name   Institution
  Time Comitment      
 Prep (min)
   Scan (min)      
Age Restrictions None   Younger than
Between -   Older than
  20/20 Vision Required (Contacts Okay) Yes No 
  English as a First Language? Yes No   
    Right only:
    Left only:  
  Additional Comments:    
  Contact Name  
Contact Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
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