Facilitate, Promote & Advance Perfusion fMRI
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging based on Perfusion contrast (PerfMRI) refers to a variety of arterial spin labeling (ASL) MRI methods to visualize and quantify cerebral blood flow during various states of brain function. As an emerging technology, it draws growing interests from both sides of clinical application and neuroscience research.

The purpose of this website is to Facilitate, Promote and Advance PerfMRI through dissemination of pulse sequences; supply of software packages for data analysis; lists of publications and FAQs; as well as a mailing list to improve the communication between researchers in this field. Please check back frequently as we will update our website with latest technique, software and documentation. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve this website to meet the rapid growth of PerfMRI.
   Dr. John Detre's talk on Perfusion fMRI using Arterial Spin Labeling  
   Paper in PNAS