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Cluster Computing

Welcome to the CfN wiki for cluster computing resources.

CfN runs a high-performance computing cluster, consisting of 576 Intel Xeon compute cores with a maximum 62GB RAM per job (possibly extensible), a 10Gb high-speed internal network, over 200TB of RAID-6 high-speed storage, and a tape backup system.

The administrator is Michael Stauffer

Please let us know of any issues with this wiki.

Searching the wiki

You can search the entire wiki (e.g. for an error message you got) in the search box in the upper-right of the window.

TIP only search for part of an error message, i.e. parts that seem unique to the error and don't include things like compute node names or filenames.

TIP Use quotes to search for a complete phrase, e.g. “memory allocation”


Cluster Specifications

Getting Help

Intro Topics

Running Jobs

Using SGE (Running Jobs & Gettin' Stuff Done)


Other Topics

x2go Remote Desktop (Alternative to X11 for slower connections)
PACS (Clinical Radiology Image Database)
Building/Compiling Software

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Application Details & Tips


See Also

PICSL Cluster - Usage Guide (For a different view, BUT the details here are different than for CfN).


Welcome PICSL Cluster Users - please see this Transition Guide to get started using the CfN cluster, AND look through the other pages below.

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