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Publicly available data and stimuli

We aim to provide the stimuli and processed data from our published studies. We are still catching up; please write if there are data or stimuli not yet posted that you would like to access.


Stimulus setPublications
Linear face morphs derived from the NimStim Face Stimulus SetDA Kahn, AM Harris, DA Wolk, GK Aguirre. (2010) Temporally distinct neural coding of perceptual similarity and prototype bias. Journal of Vision, 10(10):12, 1-12.
Computer generated faces rated for attractivenessA Chatterjee, A Thomas, S Smith, GK Aguirre. (2009) The Neural Response to Facial Beauty. Neuropsychology. 23(2), 135-43.
Computer generated face stimuli (and administration tools) for the PFPB, a battery of face perception testsAL Thomas, K Lawler, IR Olson, GK Aguirre. (2008) The Philadelphia Face Perception Battery. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 23(2), 175-187.
Radial Frequency ContoursDM Drucker, GK Aguirre. (2009) Different spatial scales of shape similarity representation in lateral and ventral LOC. Cerebral Cortex, 19(10), 2269-2280.

DM Drucker, WT Kerr, GK Aguirre. (2009) Distinguishing conjoint and independent neural tuning for stimulus features with fMRI adaptation. Journal of Neurophysiology. June;101(6):3310-24
A stereoscopic depth manipulation to modulate amodal completion Harris, GK Aguirre. (2008) The Effects of Parts, Wholes, and Familiarity on Face-Selective Responses in MEG. Journal of Vision, 8(10), 1-12.

A Harris, GK Aguirre. (2008) The Representation of Parts and Wholes in Face-Selective Cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 20(5), 863-78.

Data by Publication Title

Supplementary data and information by publication title

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