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Location of Data on CfN Cluster

The CfN cluster is located in the Gates and Stemmler buildings of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. There are two locations where you can connect directly to the cluster…

  1. The primary location is in the downstairs CfN (room B19) of the Stemmler building.
  2. The secondary location is located on the 3rd floor the the Gates building in Dr. Detre's lab.

Many of our lab computers are set up to connect indirectly to the cluster. The cluster is seperated into several divisions:

  • jet
  • xjet
  • yjet
  • etc.

Data collected by Dr. Aguirre's lab is primarily located in a directory on jet named “aguirre”.


Within this path are directories for individuals and projects. However, some individuals in the aguirre lab have seperate data directories located elsewhere on the cluster and have been using these directories to store and process data.

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