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via Martha Farah

Geoffrey K AguirrewithMartha J Farah D'Esposito M, Detre JA, Aguirre GK, Stallcup M, Alsop DC, Tippet LJ, Farah MJ. A functional MRI study of mental image generation. Neuropsychologia. 1997 May;35(5):725-30.
Martha J FarahwithS M Kosslyn Kosslyn SM, Reiser BJ, Farah MJ, Fliegel SL. Generating visual images: units and relations. J Exp Psychol Gen. 1983 Jun;112(2):278-303.
S M KosslynwithDavid B Mumford Mumford, D.; Kosslyn, S. M. Discriminating figure from ground: the role of edge detection and region growing. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 84 (1987), no. 20, 7354–7358.
David B MumfordwithFan Chung Chung, F. R. K.; Mumford, David Chordal completions of grids and planar graphs.. Planar graphs (New Brunswick, NJ, 1991), 37–40.
Fan ChungwithPaul Erdős Chung, F. R. K.; Erdős, P.; Graham, R. L. On the product of the point and line covering numbers of a graph.. Second International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics (New York, 1978), pp. 597–602, Ann. New York Acad. Sci., 319, New York Acad. Sci., New York, 1979.

via Karl Friston

Geoffrey K AguirrewithEric Zarahn Zorrilla LT, Aguirre GK, Zarahn E, Cannon TD, D'Esposito M. Activation of the prefrontal cortex during judgments of recency: a functional MRI study. Neuroreport. 1996 Nov 4;7(15-17):2803-6.
Eric ZarahnwithKarl J FristonFriston KJ, Zarahn E, Josephs O, Henson RN, Dale AM. Stochastic designs in event-related fMRI. Neuroimage. 1999 Nov;10(5):607-19.
Karl J FristonwithMichael BreakspearBreakspear M, Terry JR, Friston KJ. Modulation of excitatory synaptic coupling facilitates synchronization and complex dynamics in a biophysical model of neuronal dynamics. Network. 2003 Nov;14(4):703-32.
Michael BreakspearwithJalal M FadiliBullmore E, Fadili, J, Breakspear M, Salvador R, Suckling J; Brammer M. Wavelets and statistical analysis of functional magnetic resonance images of the human brain. Stat Methods Med Res. 2003 Oct;12(5):375-99.
Jalal M FadiliwithDavid L DonohoBobin J, Starck JL, Fadili JM, Moudden Y, Donoho DL. Morphological component analysis: an adaptive thresholding strategy. IEEE Trans Image Process. 2007 Nov;16(11):2675-81
David L DonohowithCharles Kam-tai ChuiChui, Charles; Donoho, David Special issue on diffusion maps and wavelets. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis. 21 (2006), no. 1, 1–2.
Charles Kam-tai ChuiwithPaul ErdősBorosh, I.; Chui, C. K.; Erdős, P. On changes of signs in infinite series. Anal. Math. 4 (1978), no. 1, 3–12.


via David Brainard

Geoffrey K AguirrewithDavid H BrainardNeural activity within area V1 reflects unconscious visual performance in a case of Blindsight
(A cheat. Actually, I'll need to appear in a movie with DHB)
David H BrainardwithJohn CusackFat Man and Little Boy (DHB played the part of Samuel Allison)
John CusackwithMeryl StreepAdaptation
Meryl StreepwithKevin BaconThe River Wild

via pseudo-Geoff

Geoffrey K Aguirreplayed byTony AbbateBroken Minds (TV episode)
(Another cheat! I need to play Tony Abbate in a TV show)
Tony AbbatewithJarret LeMasterDisavowed
Jarret LeMasterwithKeith MacKechnieDuck
Keith MacKechniewithKevin BaconWe Married Margo
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