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A digital atlas of the dog brain

The construction and properties of the atlas are described here:

The atlas is comprised of both low resolution (1 mm isotropic) and high resolution (0.33 mm isotropic) diffeomorphic templates of the canine brain, as well as cortical surface representations suitable for use in FreeSurfer.

The atlas is free to use (with appropriate attribution) for academic or commercial purposes. The atlas may not be distributed for commercial gain. Please report any errors or difficulties with the atlas to via e-mail (

Access to the templates



A diffeomorphic average of 7, in-vivo canine brains, at 1mm resolution, including entire head and skull-striped versions.


A diffeomorphic average of 8, ex-vivo canine brains, at 0.33 mm resolution, warped to the in-vivo space.


Cortical surface representations derived from the high-resolution, ex-vivo atlas, for use in FreeSurfer.

A limitation: gray matter layer

While a white matter segmentation is included in the atlas and is the basis of a surface reconstruction, we have been unable to produce a gray-matter surface. Our images have a image intensity boundary at the outer surface of the gray matter that is unlike in-vivo specimens. Consequently, the FreeSurfer algorithms for growing a gray-matter layer atop the white matter volume do not perform properly.

We would welcome any assistance in modifying the FreeSurfer routines to accommodate the properties of our images. Please contact us if you know how to help!

Example images

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