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Data Directory Arrangement

Required subdirectories

Within each project data directory there must be several types of subdirectories:

  1. Subject directories
    • These directories are given subject codes (X000000X) which consist of (subject's first initial + month of scan + day of scan + year of scan + subject's last initial)
    • The DVD raw data is uploaded to these directories and the preprocessing scripts operate upon them
  2. PrepScripts
    • Found within this directory are several types of scripts including but not limited to:
      1. VBPs (preprocessing scripts, a.k.a. VoxBo Prep)
      2. GDS
      3. GLMs (General Linear Models)
      4. REFs (covariate text files, reference files)
  3. Other types of script files (* Only required when other types of scanning is being performed - DTI, Perf)
    • a.k.a. DTIscripts, Perf_analysis, scripts, etc.

Elective subdirectories

There may also be several other types of subdirectories that include but are not limited to:

  • Various Analysis directories
    • Group, SVM, Pattern, etc.
  • Other types of script files
    • scripts, etc.
  • Pilot subjects
    • Configured exactly the same as subject directories found in the above directory
  • Bad subjects
    • These subjects' data may not be processed or analyzed. However, there should ALWAYS be included a text file detailing the reason for excluding each subject.
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